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@CharterNewsroom – Thomas Rutledge – Hello, I own a small business in Covina California, I have for a few years

Jeffrey Ehrheart sent a message to Thomas Rutledge that said:

Hello, I own a small business in Covina California, I have for a few years been trying to get Spectrum to set up a business account at my store along with a few other business owners on the same block, Spectrum has lines set up all up and down the street except for about 100 feet of store fronts mine being one of them. Ive received confliction reports from Spectrum about getting service. I was told it would cost me 14K to get service because they would have to do construction in order for me to get hooked up. I recently spoke to two Spectrum employees that just happened to be walking by my shop and they both said the gear is all set up. They told me to just call and get a direct sale rep to come down and talk to me about it along with the other business owners. I had also spoke to a rep out of NY that told me to go get all the emails address from all the other business and send it to him. I'm just a small business mans with a little mom and pop business and i really dont have the time to do that and with times like these trying to stay relevant is hard enough. The company I with right now I'm paying $400.00 a month for internet and 2 phone lines this is killing me along with all the other bills i have to pay so you can see why I'm trying to lower my bills. Please we really need your help!

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