@CharterNewsroom – Thomas Rutledge – Hi, My name is Tammye McIntyre, I am contacting you because Spectrum has caused me

Tammye S McIntyre sent a message to Thomas Rutledge that said:

Hi, My name is Tammye McIntyre, I am contacting you because Spectrum has caused me to be disconnected with my cable, internet and phone provider because they put in a fraudulent order for service. I called to cancel the service, spoke with Lori and she gave me a cancellation notification and I asked her several time if the order had been canceled and she insisted that the cancellation was successful. On June 13, 2019, my service was canceled with no notification from my current provider and I have not had service for the last three day, all because Spectrum did not properly release my phone number from your service. I emphatically said no to your customer service Marketing team when they called my house, but they put in a fraudulent service for me anyway. I cannot tell you how much this has inconvenienced me and my family. I need help disconnecting my service, so I can have service back with my provider.
Let's be clear here, I did not ask for my service to be changed and an account was setup fraudulently. I spoke with K.C. today, at 11:45 am. and he said that both of my accounts have been closed, but he cannot disconnect my phone number from being ported to Spectrum. Also, he said I need to speak with the Marketing team in order to get this fixed. I am very dissatisfied because I have been on the phone since I got up at 8:30 a.m. and nothing has been resolved. Please contact me at 214-729-9461 or tsm54301@gmail.com. I do not want to call the television investigation team or a lawyer to get something resolved. Thanks.

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