@CharterNewsroom – Thomas Rutledge – Hi Thomas, I am writing because of a promotion that I received a year ago

Karen sent a message to Thomas Rutledge that said:

Hi Thomas, I am writing because of a promotion that I received a year ago has expired. Only, according to my records, it has not. I spoke with Claude on 5/30/19 and was told that I will not be paying more than $170 (rounding) per month for two years. I received my bill today and it has increased to $200.

According to a CS rep, Claude gave me the wrong information. However, Cluade was not the only person I spoke with. He was just the person I spoke with when I decided to move forward with your services. I spoke to several people prior and all of them gave me the same information. Now, I am being told that it was a three year tier promotion and would increase each year until 2022. Again, there was no mention of three years, only two and no mention of an increase until the two years ended. I must reiterate that multiple people told this to me.

I honestly cannot afford this right now. I don't have an extra $30 a month to pay, particularly when I wasn't prepared to pay it, definitely not in this climate.

One of your Leadership personnel states that there is no way to find the call from when I spoke to Claude because it's so far back. And that may be the case, but since these calls are recorded/monitored, how is it that no one was able to correct Claude and other CS Reps when they were giving me the incorrect information. And the person who gets punished is the customer.

I sincerely hope you can correct this matter and ensure that my bill goes back to the amount I expected to pay for another year... $170 a month,

I thank you for your time.

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