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Susannah Knight sent a message to Thomas Rutledge that said:

Mr Rutledge,

I hope that you have a moment to read this, and then put yourself in my place.

We have had an orange Spectrum cable laying across our concrete pool patio and yard since August 15, 2010 - nearly 12 weeks.

Perhaps tri-weekly if not more, I call, listen to same robo-lady answering with her prompts, try to stay patient as I regurgitate the same info that I've provided the many many times before, until I an finally able to convenience the newest messenger what the purpose of my call is. And then sometimes, if my own work load permits, and I get lucky, I am able to spend a full 45 minutes waiting on a supervisor that "escalates" my issue that contacts the field dispatch team that calls me back and says that they are sorry, and that someone is coming. And then the folks that are supposed to bury that cable (crews have already been here 3 times if not more) , much to my disbelief, appear to not have any prior knowledge of the physical dilemma that lays before them: my home is surrounded by concrete in the back where the cable would come to the house - AN ISSUE THAT COULD BE CIRCUMVENTED BY SOMEONE GOING UNDER THE HOUSE OR BORING THROUGH THE CONCRETE and then PLACE ALONGSIDE THE HOME WHERE THE CABLE CAN BE MOUNTED ... information long known to all who come here and those who will talk with me, and most recently observed by a local field person name DeJuan who appeared to know a little about my issue, walked around the yard with me 28OCT, apologized (NO MORE APOLOGIES PLEASE - ACTIONS PLEASE) that the cable still was not buried, and said that this would be handled by 31OCT. NO ONE ARRIVED 31OCT, I CALLED AGAIN (SAME GROUNDHOG DAY EXPERIENCE) AND SAID THAT IT WAS NOT UNTIL 04NOV THAT SOMEONE WOULD COME, AND HERE WE ARE, AGAIN, no one has shown up....

I truly believe that you would never be in this conundrum.

I cannot make the 25th, or is it 52nd phone call to Spectrum, and discuss again.

Please, please, how does this get resolved?

704 577-7198

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