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@CharterNewsroom – Thomas Rutledge – Mr. Rutledge, Look I do not think it is right for your people to install

alisha s young sent a message to Thomas Rutledge that said:

Mr. Rutledge,
Look I do not think it is right for your people to install equipment in a place of business without getting authorization from the boss/owner of business. My name is Alisha and I work for a small business that only has the waiting room and garage besides 1 office where my boss/owner has which is right upstairs from the lobby ok? Business has been slow since Christmas and then of course this COVID-19 I mean come on who can afford window tinting during this crisis right? Anyways I have been off work because of business being slow and back in March 2020 a lady came in and switched our account all around I am the original one that switched to Spectrum back in May 2019 Well March 2020 a temp came in to work a few days because I was out of town and switched our phonelines over to AT&T and our internet AND called Spectrum to put in another internet box from you guys that was all unauthorized by my boss. Since then I had customer service put a note in the computer stating that they can not do anything with our account unless they get an ok from our boss / owner which I thought on June 24, 2020 that the lady wrote in on the computer which was not done til today . The lady I spoke to june 24th told me that your company can prorate our bill because of the unauthorized internet box that got installed back in March 2020 for 60 days and that she would have a tech out here July 19, 2020 to remove the box so that our bill would go back down to 160 instead of 313 amonth . Also I have been trying since June to get back to your company with our two phone lines that we have and the lady said that it would all be back like it was suppose to be by July 19th 2020 which I had called today July 16th 2020 to confirm that they were still coming on the 19th and the automated person said it was scheduled on Dec. 31, 2020. So I called billing and they told me that we had to do a 3rd party transfer for AT&T which I did but now were having to pay additional month or two for the extra internet box and the guy I talked to today said that they could only pro rate our bill 60 days ! Now I ask whats wrong with that picture because the lady back in June told me 60 ndays and Iwe were ok with that considering your tech came in unauthorized from my boss/owner to even install that equipment I feel like your tech should of said , "Look you guys really don't need an extra internet box you have one already and considering this business is so small ." before he even installed it you know? I think that considering the lady failed to email or call us about the 3rd party sign off to be able to release our phone number from AT&T should be held responsible for july and Aug. The guy said today that they could only give us 60 days when I feel in order to have a good business that since she authorized the 60 days back in June on June 24th that they should stick with that because how was we suppose to know that we had to answer some questions in order to get our phone numbers transferred back to our account with you she obviously has our phone number and our email address why couldn't she just call or email us that she needed to get a release from us so instead here we go again my boss/owner of our business is having to pay 3x's just about what the bill was suppose to be in the first place. Now not only is my poor boss having to pay AT&T for their phone and internet but he's having to pay 313 dollars a month when it just should of been 165 from Spectrum if that considering AT&T took the phone numbers from you guys Look I am asking to please investigate our situation and consider pro rating that extra box that was not authorized by my boss to be installed from June 24th which 60 days would be April 24th the guy said that it would only be pro rated to May16th Since COVID-19 has hurt this small business then my boss having to pay for 3 internets is way to much can you please check into this and come up with a solution please or even check the box that was added to see if it was even being used I mean I asked the lady when I talked to her and found out that we had 2 boxes if I could unplug it or something so we wouldn't get charged and she said that the tech would disconnect it when he showed up July 19th which she never even set . I know your a busy man but I do appreciate you reading this and I hope to hear back from YOU soon.
Thanks Again,
Alisha Young

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