@CharterNewsroom – Thomas Rutledge – On June 12, 2020, appt. window – 8 am – 9 am?. I just could

Gail Healey sent a message to Thomas Rutledge that said:

On June 12, 2020, appt. window - 8 am - 9 am….

I just could not, NOT, write a letter of supreme recommendation for my Spectrum technician, Jay. 
{ last name unknown}. My hope with the information above, re: appt. details you will know who “Jay” is.
This person was cognizant of my personal space in the midst of a national pandemic. I applaud his attention to detail and his tenacity to get to the root of the problems for connecting my cable. Years ago I discontinued my cable service, and just kept the internet. I was a customer since Clearview Cable, then TWC and now Spectrum. Needless to say, this span of over 35 years, I have dealt with many technicians in the arena of cable and internet services. 

 Jay went above and beyond my expectations. He excels in customer service, technical knowledge and trouble shooting.  Getting my cable up and running was no easy task, as evidenced in my attic. The previous technicians over the years had created a web of splitters, re-routings and dead wires throughout my space which made things beyond difficult. I was thankful that Jay was on the job. 

He used his adeptness and applied it to the task at hand. All the while, Jay was never encumbered given the working conditions of torrential rain and navigating tight attic spaces.  Jay is truly a considerate person and was always mindful of donning his shoe covers before re-entering my home. 

 If I were in charge I would give this gentleman much deserved accolades with a pay raise.

 Thank you,
 Gail Healey

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