@CharterNewsroom – Thomas Rutledge – Subject: Bees in the Spectrum?s cable box cost me $250. Can you help? I am

Jack Bilby sent a message to Thomas Rutledge that said:

Subject: Bees in the Spectrum’s cable box cost me $250. Can you help?
I am writing to ask for help in mitigating unexpected expenses I encountered in order to start my Spectrum cable internet service. When the technician arrived, he found bees in Spectrum’s cable box. When he could not eliminate them, I was told that I would have to pay out of pocket to have the bees removed first. This was confirmed by several calls to my service provider. They didn’t seem to want my business.
This seemed unfair to me, as the box was not on my property and it belonged to Spectrum, but I paid a certified wildlife consultant $250 to remove the bees, because I wanted Spectrum service. I am now a proud Spectrum internet customer. Should I be expected to remove bees from Spectrum’s box, in order to become a customer? I think not. Can you help me? I feel a fair resolution would be to arrange a credit to my account. I would be happy to provide an invoice and pictures of the bee removal as documentation.
Thank you for your consideration.

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