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Jeff Scheel sent a message to Thomas Rutledge that said:

Thank you for the opportunity to reach out.
This note is about a disappointing experience with Spectrum that has been bothering as it entails both ethical and practical circumstances. As a 70 year old, my wife and I are experiencing a high level of anxiety regarding covid-19 in our community. During the time we have been practicing both social and fiscal restraint, the internet has become our lifeline. Recently I received a letter from a T. Beauchamp from your staff (I believe - no contact info was provided) announcing that with our next billing our cost for internet services within our bundled Spectrum package will be increasing from $34.99 per month to $64.99 per month. Timing could not be worse. We cannot afford this (our own income has been affected dramatically) while continuing to pay for our own safety and security during these tension filled times.
Is this the RIGHT thing to do to us when every other leader in this country has been asked to take extra care of our fellow elderly and infirm citizens? I have a hard time believing that you are aware that this type of uncaring behavior is being practiced by your staff.
I have been trying to reach Mr. Beauchamp for two days to discuss this but keep getting told by an automated answering machine to call back later. Finally was transferred to a sales agent today who told me it wasn't his job to help and a customer service person (well intended) who told me to drop other services to compensate for Mr. Beauchamp's callousness. What do we do -give up and lose touch?
Maybe its time to have "Come to Jesus" meeting with all your staff and tell them to start caring and become good servant leaders because we, as a nation, will eventually beat this pandemic and we will remember those that "stepped up and did the right thing" and those chose to use the situation as a lever to make more money.
I know you ae a busy person but thanks for listening.

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