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Patricia, LCSW sent a message to Thomas Rutledge that said:

What a mess is Spectrum TV. I do believe you may be living in a bubble and not understanding what your customers are experiencing.
I can not spend much more time on my agonizing customer service/sales nightmare with your company but I am going to tell you (because I am a public advocate and college professor who teaches about systemic change). 2 or 3 months ago I called and ordered the tv choice package to add to ROKU and my Firestick service (on my Samsung screens). I was sold the package and could not get the app to download on Firestick. I called and was then told I was sold a package not available on Firestick...more wasted time and cancellation of billing...I was told Spectrum was working with Firestick and it would be available soon. I called back today and was again told it was available (please listen to both sales pitches)--I asked the rep if he was certain the package was now compatible with Firestick and he said: 'OH, YES...WE JUST HAD A MEETING ABOUT THIS". I then spent more time choosing tv nets for the package. The sales rep then transferred me to tech to help w the download and a person in the Philippines (you still are taking away American jobs!!!???), who I could barely understand, said: "No, we do not have Firestick compatibility." I was then transferred 3 more times to people who had no clue (as usual). I asked to speak with a supervisor in sales to make certain these two reps would be reprimanded for lying to customers (adding to their sales commissions). INSTEAD, I WAS SENT TO 'RETENTION'. Do your people think we are all stupid? I spoke with that person and she did absolutely nothing, telling me that she was going to cancel "your new package", as if this was a big favor. I then received my new order and bill. I am still waiting for the cancellation notice. Your company is a mess...TWC was a mess and see Spectrum as worse. Last week we were without power and was told to put a pen in the hole of the router and that would fix it, after trying everything else to get our wireless back up. Finally, a tech showed up and actually yelled at me for doing what one of your phone techs instructed us to do. We could not believe it. After an hour, and research, he figured out how to get us back on line. He said all would work now. EXCEPT NOW OUR WIRELESS PRINTER DOES NOT WORK AND WE HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING TO FIX IT. We are so done with your company. You apparently have no idea what is going on down here at the public level. Please pretend to be a regular customer with different issues and see for yourself. Terrible!!!!!~

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