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Why is my email so slow? Also, If you can upgrade speeds doesn't that mean you are throttling the speed? Why don't you just let everyone have a good connection?? So unhappy with service, especially email and TV connections. My TV is Smarter that what you provide, it is waiting for you to improve. (Sony 950 G) All these commercials I see saying you are helping businesses. and improving, etc. just make most of laugh. Just had a new box installed along with its remote and it is horrible. Clumsy set up on remote, no time display like my old one, it forgets last channel after you go to guide, it takes longer to get to the guide that the old one they replaced, the numbers are on the bottom, it is too short, the last one was more ergonomically correct, there is no rewind button, just pause and play, so I have to switch to the TV remote when i want to rewind, etc. etc. My TV remote is great but i can't get it to properly sync with the box. Had to buy a router because you guys charge for yours. My last house you charged me a thousand dollars to just get the cable run to my house so then I would have the privilege of being charged for the service every month., but this is a moot point. All of the above is amplified during the current crisis, during which you did a two week free uprade which you have done in the past just to see if you could get people hooked and then get them to upgrade. So it really was just a commercial you provided, not a rescue and stress reducer for folks to be able to put up with the quarantine. You could be doing so much more to help people at this time. It seems on our end that you try to pinch us for every bit of service you can. With over a $16,000,000,000 billion dollar profit last year you could afford to do so much more! If my calculations are correct you could give every customer a 4,000 dollar refund/stimulus check and still profit 8 billion dollars!!! I would appreciate it if you pass this on in way that assures it will reach the highest levels of the company.

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