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Christopher Connor – We had a new cedar deck built in the spring of 2018. We've had and

Linda Doll sent a message to Christopher Connor that said:

We had a new cedar deck built in the spring of 2018. We've had and maintained several decks in different houses prior to this one. We followed all instructions to clean and prepare our new deck prior to applying SuperDeck Waterborne Formula Exterior Deck Stain in late October 2018. By March of 2019, we noticed the deck was peeling. We contacted the store manager several times without results. We finally got in touch with the area manager who, with the store manager, came and took a sample of the peeling deck stain. The area manager admitted it was a problem with the stain and the store manager was supposed to find someone to fix our deck. We have had 2 prospective contractors look at our deck and then talk to our local store manager with NO results. We just made our 6th call to the area manager in Omaha who continues to ignore our pleas for help. After over 18 months of looking at our horrible peeling deck, we would like a resolution to this situation. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and posted a negative review for the Fremont, NE Sherwin Williams Store.

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