Chua Sock Koong – My customer experience after being a Singtel customer for over 20 years.. Ms. Chua, I

Anuj Behl sent a message to Chua Sock Koong that said:

My customer experience after being a Singtel customer for over 20 years..

Ms. Chua,
I write to you as I do think you care about your customers and there maybe some lapses in your customer’s experience with Singtel that you should be made aware of so you can take necessary corrective actions.

I have been a Singtel customer for over 20 years and for the most part have been your premium customers subscribing to your most expensive mobile plans. My experience with Singtel for the most parts has been good too until yesterday where I have had to ask the question “Does Singtel really care?”

Earlier last week I chose to recontract my services with Singtel and along with it change my phone from an Iphone X to 11. I also chose to do this online for the first time and I must compliment Singtel on the ease of using the mobile service which was great. Everything went well and I choose to trade in my current 1 year old phone and get the recontract done. Deliver was scheduled for yesterday between 6-9pm.

In preparation for the delivery and the exchange I had re-setted my phone and wiped out all content after a backup. Here is what happened after:

1. No delivery happened till 9 pm. I called 1688 and was advised the service line was closed. I was provided with a WhatsApp number. I pinged the number and asked for a status update. I was told there was no way to track where the delivery was and I was advised to wait until midnight.
2. Around 940pm a delivery man arrived who spoke no English whatsoever. Even so he did not even attempt to apologize for the delay. His demeanor was incredibly rude and intimidating. He demanded for my IC and asked for me to handover the trade-in phone. I provided it. He simply said “bu ke yi” and handed me the phone back
3. I asked for him to call someone who spoke English. He called and handed over to another gentlemen on the phone who turned out to be no more polite than the delivery man. He said because there is a scratch on the phone it cant be traded in. I asked him what my options were and he simply suggested I go to a singtel shop or order again
4. Considering trade in phones are not new I would have expected Singtel to provision of possible signs of us. There seemingly were none. I suggested they take the phone and give me a call next day to evaluate what would be the trade in value and that I would settle the difference. I was told no that was not possible as the value of my phone was 0$.
5. He suggested I pay the guy 600$ in cash if I wanted the new phone. Interestingly the value of the phone when I ordered it was 558$...but so was the mindset of the 2 gentlemen I interacted with who simply had no empathy or interest in solving a customer’s problem.

I logged in today afternoon to check online on the status of this order so I could speak to someone. It seems I cant do that as the system says my order is “out for delivery”

I am certain this is not how you intended your customer service to be…hence this note to you to ask for your advise on why I should still continue to be a Singtel customer.

Anuj Behl
+65 90171792

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