Chuck, couldn\'t get your email to cc this msg to you. Got and email from – Chuck Surack email address

Tommy Grattan sent a message to Chuck Surack Founder, President, and CEO, Sweetwater Sound Inc. Email Address that said:

Chuck, couldnt get your email to cc this msg to you. Got and email from Nick Beach asking how my Volto power supply is doing. Heres me reply:

Well Nick, I just bought the Volto (my second Volto, the first one failed immediately) and dont really see anything in that price range that claims to have the same specs. 36 hrs. max!?! vs 2 hrs. max??? Whats wrong with this picture. Should I return the Volto as it doesnt perform anywhere near what the manufacture is telling me??? Are you suggesting an exchange for a unit that you know has decent charge time and is competitively priced????? Are you saying your sorry that the Volto isnt working for me or are you capable of actually remediating my situation. If youre just telling me too bad about the Voltos performance and I can buy another power supply from SW, thats Baloney! To be honest your reply is somewhat cavalier. If you have any viable suggestions other than patting on the head please let me know.

Thanks, TomGrattan

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