Cigna Corp. CEO David M. Cordani’s compensation totaled $27.16 million last year, up 53 – David Cordani email address

Kim sent a message to David Cordani – President and CEO of Cigna Corporation – Email Address that said:

Cigna Corp. CEO David M. Cordani's compensation totaled $27.16 million last year, up 53 percent from 2013, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday.
He received $17.76 million in 2013.
Cordani's pay included $1.13 million in salary, $1.9 million in non-equity incentive pay, $240,355 in "other compensation," $6.98 million in value realized on exercising options and $16.92 million in value realized on stock awards vested.
The Courant calculates compensation as the sum of salary, bonuses, value gained on the exercise of stock options and the vesting of stock awards, plus other forms of direct pay.

I am sure you are very familiar with these figures. Let me tell you how you got there. You are living off of dead babies money. Your company Cigna is refusing to pay for needed genetic testing for my son who suffers from a congenital heart defect called Truncus Arteriosus. He was diagnosed 2 hours after his birth in 2011. We went to the hospital in March of 2016 to have a MRI of his brain that showed 2 brain tumors. The radiologist that read the images stated that the tumors appear to be cavernous malformations. These are bleeding tumors of the brain. A patient that is diagnosed with these types of tumors are advised to NOT take anticoagulants. In one year my son will face another open heart surgery where the surgeons will place a mechanical valve that will require my son to be on an anticoagulant. So you see, what is good for the brain is bad for his heart. We need this genetic testing to get a definative diagnosis so the cardiac team knows how to procede further with my sons care. I will fight a hard fight to do what is best for my son. I will not allow a billion dollar company to stand in my way. I am VERY passionate about my family. My questions to you are: Do you have children? And if so, what would you do for you son/daughter. I do not make billions but I wanted to make it clear that the company you benefit from is a company that goes against its own coverage policies. For genetic testing to be approved a patient must meet 5 criteria. My son meets all 5 and yet you have a gastroenterologist making a neurology decision that ultimately affects the life of my son. How does this happen?? Bottom line is Cinga cares about getting rich on dead babies money!!

One Pissed off MOM!!

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