@Citi – Jane Fraser – Dear Ms. Fraser, Congratulations on your upcoming appointment as CEO! I am a customer from

Elizabeth J Ness sent a message to Jane Fraser that said:

Dear Ms. Fraser,
Congratulations on your upcoming appointment as CEO!
I am a customer from York, PA who has a Citi Diamond Preferred and a Citi Simplicity credit card. Due to a family illness it was necessary to reach out to my financial institutions for help. At Citi, I was put on a payment resolution plan. Citi was to take out $128.00 for each account every month. On Saturday the 12th of September my Life Lock account alerted me that Citi Bank had put a judgement notification on my credit report. I logged into my Citi account and a letter was put in my file saying I had broken the agreement of the resolution plan by not paying one or more of my payments. I looked at both of my accounts and they said they had been paid. The thing is, you all withdraw the money from my account. I am on an automatic payment plan. The money is always there, so if it was not paid, someone on your end did not take it out. I called Citi Bank on Mon., the 14th thinking I could get this taken care of. I spoke with eleven people over a course of one hour, thirty three minutes and eleven seconds! The last person I spoke with was from the Recovery Department. Maria, who was super nice and apologetic, told me I would have to call back Thurs., the 17th. I called Recovery back on Thursday and was sent to another department. Thursday, I spoke with five individuals and was on the phone for thirty seven minutes. Amber, from the Escalation Department, was the last person I spoke to on Thursday. Amber was sweet, and tried her best to be helpful. She said I would have to speak with someone from the Recovery Department. I waited to call the Recovery Department on Friday. I was on the phone approximately twenty one minutes. I was told I would have to wait and call next Thursday the 24th and they could help me.
This might not be your area of concern, but I figured you would be more motivated to help than a man. All I want is to have that letter taken out of my file and the Judgement removed from my credit report.
I feel it is totally unfair to punish me for something that the bank obviously did.
Is there any chance you can help me?
Sincerely, Elizabeth Ness

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