@Citi – Jane Fraser – Hello. I am a very long time customer of Citibank and due to some recent

Lisa J Pravorne-Turner sent a message to Jane Fraser that said:

Hello. I am a very long time customer of Citibank and due to some recent fraud on my checking account I discovered what I consider to be a security hole in your checking process. I had 2 ACH debits that were withdrawn out of my account by someone unknown to me. I filed a dispute and eventually my money was returned to me. I was told not to worry. 2 weeks later the same thing happened with the same name to other companies. When I asked whether it was the same name that had done the previous transactions and was told yes. Since I am the only person on my account and no one else is authorized I came to find out that the only thing anyone needs to set up ACH debits are my account number and routing number both of which are on every check I write. There is no matching of name what so ever in your system. That means that every time I write someone a check I am opening up myself for fraud. I have worked in IT most of my career and it is a very simple check that should be in place to have some matching criteria. I am put through the ringer of providing numerous forms of identification when I call customer service or go to a branch but apparently anyone I give a check to can take money out of my account very easily. I had a terrible time trying to make the customer service and fraud dept understand the issue. I have now been without my money for over a week while you again investigate. I have spent countless hours on the phone and frankly no longer feel secure banking with citibank since I was told that that was just how it worked. I was told that I had to close my account and open a new one else you would potentially not reimburse me if the fraud continued. I was told that would take 10 minutes and 90 minutes later I was still on the phone. And today I still have not been given back the money that was fraudulently withdrawn with ease out of my account. It just seems that you are no longer interested in keeping me after almost 50 years as I do not feel my money is secure every time I write a check.

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