@citi – Michael Corbat – Good afternoon, Mr. Corbat, I know this is a very minute complaint to you and

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Good afternoon, Mr. Corbat,

I know this is a very minute complaint to you and I hate to waste your time, but since I can't get any satisfaction from your customer service team (specifically, Paula amp. #JAX02), I don't know who else to contact. I wasn't sure if I wanted to renew my Citi/AAdavantage, Platinum Select Card, so I didn't send the payment right away. When I remembered I needed to do something, it was on February 16, 2020, and my payment was due by February 15, 2020. I paid the $99 membership fee, but they are now billing me a $25 late fee and $1.65 in interest charges. I called to see about having the fee charges waived and was told by the first lady I spoke with, the system wouldn't let her waive it. I asked for a Supervisor and was connected to Paula, emp. #JAX 02. She told me she could not waive it. I asked why, and she said they put in the criteria and the system wouldn't waive it. I asked to talk to her Supervisor and she told me she already spoke to two supervisors and it couldn't be waived. I told her I wanted to speak with them and she said they weren't available, but she'd put in a request for someone to return my call within 24-48 hours. I told her there had to be someone there who could waive it and to connect me with the Presidents office. She said "they don't take phone calls"! I asked about canceling the card and getting my $99 back and she said I had to do it within 37 days, but didn't say 37 days from what? I asked where it said that on my statement. She said it's not on the statement, it's in the original disclosures sent with your card. I can't believe that for being one day late, they will "NOT" waive the fee and interest especially when it's for the membership fee and not a purchase I made. I hope that you can resolve this issue and have the late fee waived. If it's not possible for you to do so, it doesn't say much for Citi, and I will contact our local news station consumer affairs person. He may not be able to get the fee waived either, but at least it will make consumers aware of Citi's policy on late fees and interest for their yearly membership fee.

Thank you so much for your time and anticipated cooperation.

John A. Rossiter

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