@citi – Michael Corbat – Hello Mr. Corbat, I am writing to you because I would like Citibank to reverse

Erin Stolfi sent a message to Michael Corbat that said:

Hello Mr. Corbat, I am writing to you because I would like Citibank to reverse their position about my fraudulent claim with Home Depot. I have been in touch with the executive response team. ( Chris and Jenny) for several weeks. The case is supposed to be resolved by February 20, 2020. Our contractor stole my Home Depot card and rented a sander and made several purchases completely outside of my spending and geographic patterns. I have filed reports with both the Fair Trade Commission and the Bureau of Consumer Protection. I have also filed a police report which your company has along with 2 addendum's including the findings which indicate video surveillance verified by the detective proving that I did not make these purchases. I can also provide records of my whereabouts during many of the transaction times. I am a middle school teacher in a public school in Connecticut. I have done everything possible to clear this matter. I was told on December 23, 2019, that I was released from the obligation and then was told on January 8th that it is my responsibility. Citibank admits they completed their first investigation clearing me and I do not understand why they would change their position. The police are filing a warrant and we are pressing charges, to the fullest extent against this contractor. (Michael Whitehead) I can provide your company with any further information you need. Please help me.
Very Truly,
Erin Stolfi

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