@citi – Michael Corbat – I am reaching out to you in desperation. I am a 67 year old woman

Carlene DUndas sent a message to Michael Corbat that said:

I am reaching out to you in desperation. I am a 67 year old woman. on 1/15 I was going to make a payment of $275 to my Citibank branded Best Buy card. By mistake I didnt add a decimal point so a payment of $27500.20 was made. I have been trying to get my money back ever since. I have been told every story in the book. You will have you money in 10 days, 5 days, 17 days. They all say whatever it takes to get me off the phone. On 2/4 I spoke with a supervisor who said I would have my money backin my bank account by 2/7. On 2/7 I called and spoke to "Julian" in Tennessee. (That is all he would give me) Very rude. He told me that I should have my money by 2/12 transferred to my bank account. Mind you they had already had a conference call to BofA and found that they indeed had paid the $27500.20 on 1/17. Todays phone call to Lonnie (emp 5135) said he'd look into it and I should have my money back by 2/15. So you've had my money since 1/17/2019 and as Julian so eloquently put it: "There is no one else you can talk to but me" when I wanted to go over his head. PLEASE HELP ME YOU HAVE HAD MY MONEY LONG ENOUGH. PS: Ive closed my best buy card that I have had since 1997 and also closed my Citi Diamond Preferred card. Julian said that if thats what I wanted to do, so be it. Carlene Dundas

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