@citi – Michael Corbat – I have been a loyal Citibank customer since 2007. I have encountered a grave injustice

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I have been a loyal Citibank customer since 2007. I have encountered a grave injustice at the hands of Citibank. I am currently overseas- I followed the proper channels and called to put a travel notification on my account. I also enrolled my card in Apple pay. I called 4 times because my charge was getting declined. I was beyond embarrassed and humiliated. I was told by your numerous customer service reps and supervisor yesterday that everything was fine and assured by the last Rep-Tom that I would be able to use my card today. Well that's not the case, I was embarrassed again. I spoke to Krystle, Margo (supervisor), Myles (Supervisor), Tracy who hung up on me, Selle who was playing games saying it was a poor connection. Andre and lastly May (fraud Supervisor). A letter is being mailed to my house in the US to validate me- how does that do me any good while I am in Dubai???? The sad part of all this (well not really, it’s ridiculous) is your Supervisor called me back on my cell phone- the same cell phone that I was told wasn't linked to my account and I could not be verified. I explained through tears how I am overseas, with no money and you blocked my credit card which is the only one I brought with me. I believe that I am being discriminated against because I am Middle Eastern. You are leaving me stranded in Dubai for a week. That is cruel, inhumane, heartless unprofessional and a disgrace. Treating your customers like criminals is VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. You must have other measures to verify a customer who is traveling overseas.
I also filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau ID # 14020361
Shame on you Citibank for treating your customers like garbage instead of with dignity and respect.

Nicole Benson

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