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John C. Ricchezza sent a message to Michael Corbat that said:

June 26, 2020
Mr. John Ricchezza

Mr. Michael. L. Corbat
Citigroup Inc., CEO

Re: AT & T Universal Card
Account ending 2121

Dear Mr. Corbat,

I am writing to you as the CEO of Citigroup because of a recent experience. I am sure that you will discard this letter as an undesired nuisance. I have been a credit card client since 1993. I have charged thousands of dollars monthly and always paid on time. On June 24, 2020 I tried to use my card twice and was rejected. You may not understand how embarrassing that is. But I pride myself on my credit rating and paying all my bills on time. This was an insult to me.

I called your service department and started with someone who barely spoke English. Please understand that I am an immigrant and to whom English is a second language but I managed to learn it and speak it clearly. Eventually I got transferred to someone with whom I could communicate. She said what I certainly did not want to hear…she was going to collect on a delinquent account. Let me say that in an era of covid-19 when every company is practicing patience and forbearance, this was an incredible statement. However, what angered me the most was that I have rarely even been late not to mention a collection problem. I had not received that month’s invoice and had forgotten to follow up.

I now asked that they wave the late fee and that I would make the full payment of $943.46. I was surprised when I was told that they did not have that authority on my account. Sir, I have worked in the banking industry for 40 years+ and am currently a Senior Vice President and I have never heard such a statement. We are bending backward to alleviate this kind of issues for our clients.

I now plan to close my account and find a bank who values their relationships.


John C. Ricchezza

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