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Mr. Corbat,

I am at my wits end and have decided that I need to reach out for some assistance. Since September 20, 2019 I have reached out to HR for information to enable me to file my Federal taxes. I have made 11 phone calls on 2 issues which one of the issues have been resolved. I believe there have some attempts to provide me with the information for the 2nd issue however it was either incomplete, could not be opened, or the encrypted password was not sent. I no longer am an employee with Citi as of 1/23/19, 6 months short of my 30th anniversary, my job was discontinued. I loved working for the company but I am very unsatisfied with the customer service for HR's ability to get this information to me timely. I am looking for the annual deductions for medical, dental and vision for the tax years 2016, 2017 and 2018. I don't believe an organization as closely regulated as Citigroup would have such a difficult time to provide this information. Mr. Corbat please help me get this information. I would greatly appreciate it.

Best Regards,
Lisa A Ahmadian

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