@CitizensBank – Bruce VanSaun – Mr Van Saun, I am at my wits end and it is with great reluctance

kathleen Mooney sent a message to Bruce VanSaun that said:

Mr Van Saun,

I am at my wits end and it is with great reluctance that I am sending this email.

Simply I have had the some of the worst customer service experience with your bank in securing a home equity loan and attempting to repay it.

I applied in August 2019 and it took 3 months and many trips to the 34th Walnut St branch to inquire about this loan.

I chose your bank for your mottos of "Simplify the customer life". My experience is exactly the opposite.

The process at your bank was very difficult, time consuming and complicated my life beyond belief!

I have spent many hours securing this loan and then had checks that bounced due to poor communication with your staff.

My problems were elevated by the branch manager Jacklyn Restrepo to the regional manager Patrick Jean. Mr. Jean spoke many times and has tried to address my concerns which have not been solved as yet.

I also have received conflicting correspondence from your bank about this loan on multiple occasions.

I believed in your motto to "Simplify the customer life" and I merely wanted a loan to pay my debts and pay my loan bank to Citizens bank. This has been a struggle from beginning and has yet to end.

I think you should be aware that the customer service I have experienced needs to be addressed at some level.

Thank you,

Kathleen Mooney

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