@CitizensBank – Saun Bruce W Van – Greetings! I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Curtis C. Parnell as he

Curtis C. Parnell sent a message to Saun Bruce W Van that said:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Curtis C. Parnell as he is completely disappointed with the process of setting up online banking. While this process was supposed to be a seamless one, it has now taken four days and counting. To begin with (June 22, 2018), the initial set up (by a bank teller) entered a temporary user name which was a discontinued debit card number. This caused an initial “lock out” because of course we were entering his current active debit card number. So I encouraged Mr. Parnell to push past this problem, then as we entered the temporary passwords (again established by the bank teller) which also failed. We tried every combination for a password, including some of my own passwords only resulting with the message of “A previous password cannot be used. Please enter a new password”. Of course we know mistakes happen and contrary to popular belief, technology is flawed, however, there was one problem after another with this process. Then on Monday, June 25, 2018 we contacted Customer Service and eventually spoke with a supervisor, Vanessa who reported a problem that would take another 24 hours to resolve. Now, at this point Mr. Parnell is concerned about the security of his account, “Did someone attempt to hack into the account?” The supervisor did assure him that was not the issue, however no apology was offered, and no explanation of what occurred, just more delays. Mr. Parnell and I are both retired from thirty plus year careers. We come from a generation where we treated people with respect, customers’ time was valued and the motto was “the customer is always right” and people were given “the benefit of the doubt”. Unfortunately that is seldom the case even with customer care representatives.
At this point, we feel there should be an apology (after fours days of inconvenience and worry), and/or a gift token or some gesture of apology extended to a frustrated yet loyal Citizens Bank customer, Mr. Curtis C. Parnell.

Curtis C. Parnell
Debra M. Rhodes

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