@CitizensBank – Saun Bruce W Van – Hi, I would just like to reach out and let someone know of my horrible

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Hi, I would just like to reach out and let someone know of my horrible experience with Citizens bank getting a mortgage. Every time I go to the bank I am asked what I am going to do with the money in my bank account and when I told them I wanted to get a house they suggested I do it with citizens bank. We started the process in May I got a pre approved and was told I could start looking, I wasn't asked for many things. I found a house the end of June and was set to close on July 31th then it got pushed to the 10th. I was sent out packets of papers to sign. I was told I would be asked for a number of things needed by the underwriter. I asked many questions about what we could do to insure we would get the house and was always told everything looks good and there wouldn't be a problem. From the start though there was very little communication. I was called very few times and my calls were rarely ever returned. I started getting nervous because closing was soon and still I wasn't asked for any documents needed and a appraisal was done very late after asking about it numerous times. I also never received a copy of it even though I paid 600$ or a receipt. My realtor finally got in touch with someone a few days ago and was laughed at when asked for the commitment letter. He was told that there were 2 issues from preventing the loan canceled rent checks because we paid our rent in cash. And a default on a student loan. The loan wasn't a problem because I said I was willing to pay the whole loan off. And they said they wouldn't accept a letter from my landlord. I am just very upset in the unprofessional way everything was handled I feel if these issues were dealt with in the beginning like the were suppose to be then I wouldn't have lost this house that took me months to find in the area I was looking to live in. The price of this house was in my range in a area I wanted to live in that houses go for much higher than I found this house for. I wish I was told from the beginning that I wouldn't get the house instead of lied to the whole time and putting 4100.00 into this mess. My family is devastated by this whole experience.

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