@CitizensBank – Saun Bruce W Van – I am a 50 year old Disabled, Hispanic woman. I live in Smithville, TN and

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I am a 50 year old Disabled, Hispanic woman. I live in Smithville, TN and I originally opened my bank account in a very small community called Liberty Tennessee at Liberty State Bank. I have NEVER had a problem in MY personal account not one single check of mine has ever bounced.

My Husband had a business account under Starry Hill Log Homes which he used for his business. This business went under and was investigated by local authorities thoroughly. My personal account was never linked to the business and I was only a signer on the business in the event that something should happen to him. My attorney can validate that I had no involvement in the business.

Today when I went to make a purchase, my card was declined . I went to directly to the closest Liberty State Bank in Lebanon Tn. where they printed out a statement and informed me that the bank had "forced Paid" $200 out of MY personal account to pay on the "charged off account" I am on a very fixed income. Not only have I been treated very badly by a woman named Lisa at the Liberty State BNK in Liberty, but I NEVER RECEIVED ANY INFORMATION FROM THIS BANK INFORMING ME OF THEIR INTENTION TO ROB MY ACCOUNT OF MONIES I DO NOT OWE!

Liberty is a very small town and I have sensed a clearly racist attitude from a couple of individuals their. I have never had a problem at the Smithville Branch (where I now do most of my banking.) If you were to look u my account you will see that I am of limited income and to wait till I get my Social Security check to deduct 1/3 of my income for a debt I don't owe is unethical and illegal.

I have sent an email to the Americans with Disabilities, My Atty., UnidosUS (formerly La Raza) and yourself. I demand that the $200 not only be immediately reimbursed but that the branch that had the audacity to remove it illegally be censured. In small communities in the country people forget that not everyone it illiterate and unaware of their rights. This is not only an aggressive act against myself as an Hispanic woman, but I believe it is extremely illegal and unethical.
My phone number is 931-252-3179 . I look forward to hearing how this matter will be rectified. I expect a full reimbursement immediately.
Maureen Park
DOB 1/21/1968
Last 4# 5820

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