@CKinstitute – Charles Koch – Dear Sir, I read the article from the Wall Street Journal and was pleased to

Amos McCallister sent a message to Charles Koch that said:

Dear Sir,
I read the article from the Wall Street Journal and was pleased to hear the help you have promised and your regrets of your previous commitments in regards to the future of America. I am a 61 year old “African American” although I have always preferred American. I was born and raised in Mississippi and have lived in California for over 40 years now. I was married nearly 37 years before losing my dear wife in 2018. Since then my life has to me not been worth living and yet hear I am. Despite not caring very much about my health or anything else since then the real damage I have done has been to my mind and my financial health. I sold our home in South San Francisco and bought into a age restricted community here in Sacramento. I moved in May 7,2018,my wife passed June 6,2018. I have a daughter and 2 granddaughters that were unable to live with me in my home because of restrictions as I mentioned. I then decided to rent the property and I did,however Covid-19 has caused my tenant to stop making payments. As a result my credit has declined and I can’t even get a loan or refinancing not being current on my mortgage. I am afraid I will lose my home and my tenant won’t allow even a realtor entry so I’m also unable to sell. At this point I feel there is little I can do to stop this and I wonder how many others maybe in the same position? Why am I telling you? Because I think the article made me realize that you may help,that you want to help people like me? I can only hope. Any help would be appreciated,even in the form of a loan or maybe you buy my home rather than the tenant now living there. I am not a beggar but I am not to proud?

Amos McCallister

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