Claim #300-0196991-2017 Mr. Harold: we are policy holders for about 10 yrs. ($20,000 in premiums) – Jeffrey F Harrold email address

Barb Henschel sent a message to Jeffrey F. Harrold - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Auto-Owners Insurance - Email Address that said:

Claim #300-0196991-2017
Mr. Harold: we are policy holders for about 10 yrs. ($20,000 in premiums). We filed our first homeowners claim in those yrs. we had a water problem that ruined my kitchen floor and the ceiling in my basement family room. We filed a claim with Auto Owners and are very disappointed with the service and outcome. Heres why. Our $1000.00 deductible became $1183.53. Everything was replacement, nothing changed or added. Our claim adjuster said the new floor is more expensive than the old one - which is not true. In fact it cost less, plus flooring has gone up in price since old floor was installed 4-5 years ago.
Cost of flooring was $2810.87
-1000.00 deductible
1658.03 check from
$ 152.84 balance which I was told to call the flooring store and ask them to reduce price $152.84, kind of unethical.

Emergency services. $1300.21
Check from AO. 1300.21

Restructural work. $492.58
Check from AO. 461.89
30.69 not paid by AO.
Phone calls from Alaina adjuster Christie Talbott not returned. Very dissatisfied with whole ordeal.

Thank you for your time.

Barb Henschel
829 Beech Dr.
Plymouth, Wi. 53073


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