Complaint My bank account was drafted $110.83 by TransMerit for services I never received or – Greg D Carmichael email address

Davis Velaonia sent a message to Greg D. Carmichael - Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Third Bancorp - Email Address that said:


My bank account was drafted $110.83 by TransMerit for services I never received or agreed to Under False representation of Transmerit by its representative Billy Gerbino. Saying that this contract was able to be canceled in a recorded welcome call , as well as with his Boss Company misrepresented terms of contract. A sales representative came to my place of business and spent 7 hours with me to explain how his company would save me $200 per month . I never received the equipment which we can prove. I have requested a refund and to cancel any further drafts from my checking account . I did not receive the equipment in the time-frame promised. Also, after reading the contract more carefully, I realized the terms were nowhere close to what I had verbally agreed to with Billy Gerbino. I simply initialed and signed as he directed and trusted his verbal assurances that was Recorded. As soon as I learned the terms were different, I immediately contacted at business close around 5pm on 1/20/17 Same Day that i would not move forward with this company But was Pushed to Do so. In the welcome call And Throughout the Document Signing and pre approval. I Davis Clearly said i would not agree to terms if the documentation was not altered to what was promised in the recorded Session Between I Davis and transmerit in the document signing electronically.

Desired Settlement

Then we wish to terminate services without any penalties. Immediate refund of $110.83 and that they remove any and all of my corporate information, including bank routing and account information, from their records. I will not be held responsible for any charges. and to void out contract between ASCENTIUM CAPITAL D A TransMerit Merchant Services . Then we wish to terminate services without any penalties For services not rendered and deceptively Promised.

I thank you for your time to read this email and ask that you help with this matter.

Davis V
Pauls Distributors
My contact info is 516 379 7070

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