@conagrabrands – Gary Rodkin – Dear Mr. Connolly, I'm a resident of Darien, WI. I reside across the street from

Dave Henderson sent a message to Gary Rodkin that said:

Dear Mr. Connolly,

I'm a resident of Darien, WI. I reside across the street from your plant.

Below is a copy of my email to the Town Board of Darien. I'm bringing this to your attention, because we have experienced years of odor coming from your plant and I would appreciate your help.

Please send me your contact information, so we can discuss the issues with your plant.

Hello Everyone,

Both on Saturday, July 11th and Sunday, July 12th we had a north, northwest 8-10 MPH wind, therefore, we had a strong stench from Birds Eyes’ ponds. Mainly in the late morning to around 2:30pm.

We drove around the neighborhood and confirmed for ourselves that the smell was coming from Birds Eye. We saw from Foundry Road that the north pond is being worked on and with the new liner and the expansion of the north pond, I have a few questions for Birds Eye and the Town Board:

1. When are all the improvements to the north pond going to be completed?
2. Due to these changes can we expect that the odors from your plant will be much worse for everyone that lives near Birds Eye?
3. The water level looks substantial in the west pond. Why aren’t the aerator’s not in the west pond?
4. If the smell is still present after the north ponds improvements are complete – what is your next course to improve the quality of air throughout the town and village?
5. Town Board: What is the reason that you did not require Birds Eye to hook up to Walcomet?

In closing, we appreciate that Conagra is making some changes to improve the air quality in the area.


David Henderson

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