Concerning with wrong billing, fake I.D. use and legal action Dear Sir/Ma’am, S.B – Vittorio Colao email address

Sunil sent a message to Vittorio Colao CEO, Vodafone – email address that said:

Concerning with wrong billing, fake I.D. use and legal action
Dear Sir/Ma'am,
S.B.J.educate..., an esteemed Educational Hub at Civil Lines in Allahabad ,Uttar Pradesh, India, shaping the future of a thousand students, has been a consumer of Vodafone for years and as a corporate team and family members ,we have been using 15 Vodafone SIMS (pre paid post paid), but due to inefficient, perfunctory , irresponsible and rude behaviour and services of one of VODAFONE SERVICE PROVIDING STORES at 5, Elgin Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad, U.P., India, we are extremely sorry to inform you that we are looking forward to terminating all the services (SIMS) as we had had enough of you, and fed up with the apathy shown towards us.
We had opted RED FAMILY PLAN with two SIMs - one for modem and the other for calling. Both were together and billing was dually connected with credit limit of Rs. 2000/- ,but owing to overbilling that crosses even the credit limit again and again, we requested for individual plan, making SIM  activate and SIM deactivate in December,2015.
Now we come across another issue that the SIM  that we had got deactivated has been activated to us without our knowledge, I.D. proof and confirmation that is utterly illegal and someone else is using it and its billing is being credited to our account and imposed on us illegally. THIS SIM is being used in Delhi in roaming as per record of yours, and we have nothing to do with the numbers at which calls/ msgs. are made, in future any accountability will be yours / staff of Vodafone.
Dear Sir/Ma'am, in service industry DELIVERY/ TIMELINESS and CUSTOMER'S SATISFACTION is the core , unfortunately we are not getting the same ,so as very responsible costumers of Vodafone , we decided to inform concerned authorities so that optimum action can be taken against staff for their working culture , behaviour with customer and mental harassment ...etc. within a fixed span of time, otherwise we have left with no option why shouldn't we go for NUMBER PORTABILITY PLAN for the following Vodafone Numbers that belong to us ,our colleagues and family members ?
And why shouldn't we take legal action against Vodafone for wrong billing ,fake number I.D. use ... ?
Yours faithfully,

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