@costco – Craig Jelinek – 10-28-20 Here is a copy of what was posted on the IGY6 (stands for I

Terry Fergon sent a message to Craig Jelinek that said:


Here is a copy of what was posted on the IGY6 (stands for I Got Your 6) Facebook page today 10-28-20 along with photos of the cakes. (See below) I tried to enclose pics of cakes, but to no avail.

I am a member of this group as we are a Law Enforcement Family. Today, I received a very disturbing post which was quite alarming, to say the least. We’ve been members of COSTCO for many years and enjoy the variety and above all the great prices. However, if this is a company-wide practice, then we will seriously consider cancelling our membership, along with many other folks we know in Law Enforcement. We don’t want to be ANY part of cop-hating situations in this country. We were actually shocked to read this post. I have to believe it’s true but need for you to explain the WHY of this kind of thing. If you are not aware of these kinds of tactics in your stores, then you need to be a lot more diligent. Please tell me you will get on this as soon as possible. I had hopes that COSTCO was beyond these kinds of shenanigans. I do know that COSTCO (And, I hope I am right on this!), does not contribute ANY monies to BLM. Tell me I am right. If it’s the other way, then you’ve lost our business. My daughter has worked long and hard to build her career in Law Enforcement, only to have it crumbled and shattered by BLM terrorists. I will not stand by and allow Costco to treat LEOs with such disdain. I hope to hear from you soon. Here is the post:

This was posted on the IGY6 Facebook page today, 10-28-20 along with photos of the “doctored” cakes:

“Today, Some Really Nice Citizens Catered In BBQ Today And Had Costco In Wichita, Ks make the cakes. They Refused To Make A Thin Blue Line Cake That Had The Blue Line In It And Also Refused To Write The Word Blue. They Said They Would Give A Package Of Blue Icing But Would Not Put That On The 10 Cakes They Ordered. So I Wrote The Word Blue And Put In The Blue Line…How Awful."

"Everyone Who Backs The Blue Should Pull Their Costco Membership."

I await your response.

T. Fergon
4026 Birch Knoll Dr.
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

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