@costco – Craig Jelinek – Dear Costco President & CEO Craig Jelinek, In response to your notice dated November 16

Dr. Victor M. Vieira sent a message to Craig Jelinek that said:

Dear Costco President & CEO Craig Jelinek,

In response to your notice dated November 16, 2020, I give you notice that I will no longer shop at Costco and will not be renewing my membership. Your support for the illegal emergency orders being unlawfully forced upon Canadians, and your inhumane unscientific rules about face coverings is unacceptable.

Furthermore, I will be immediately sharing this letter widely to all my contacts on social media and via emails. I strongly encourage you - since you are responsible for the rules that you choose to impose on your customers and employees - to learn the science about face masks.

Face masks do not "protect" people from contracting viruses. The opposite is true. They put people at risk via fomite transmission, and rebreathing of microbes (increases microbial load) leading to infections in the short term. In the long term, with many hours of wearing a face mask (ie. your employees), puts people at risk for Cancer due to carbon dioxide poisoning and oxygen deprivation.. particularly in the lungs!

Please inform yourself and stop putting Canadians at risk.. buying into this insanity. Whatever the motivation for your decision (ie. your notice dated November 16, 2020) - whether it be due to pressure from the Government, pressure due to a general public state of 'paranoid schizophrenia', or financial incentive to comply - your unsubstantiated rules are unjustifiable and unacceptable.

I challenge you to discover what justifies "emergency orders" from a pandemic in any province. I challenge you to learn about the harmful effects of wearing face coverings. You can find valuable information via the following link:


Should you be interested in earning back my business, I look forward to receiving a notice with a reversal of your position on the use of face coverings.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Victor M. Vieira

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