@costco – Craig Jelinek – Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to you because I am embarrassed how Costco

EVA TOTH sent a message to Craig Jelinek that said:

Dear Sir,
I am writing this letter to you because I am embarrassed how Costco handled the renewal of my membership in December 2019.
I was a member for over three decades. My membership was attached to a family member during those many years. Last December I have decided to go on my own.
When I asked what kind of membership I had before, your employee told me that I held an Executive Membership and she set up my new membership accordingly.
The same day I realized that your employee lied to me! I never was an Executive Member before, because I never was an “Executive member quality” based on my shopping habits and history.
I immediately returned and asked to change to be a regular member. My request was refused!
I was told that, “if I don’t accumulate enough rewards, by October 2020, I will get back the cost difference between the Executive and Regular membership”.
This October I received my renewal notice for another year of Executive Membership and the $11.09 reward. I visited your outlet and enquired about the false promise I quoted above. I was told, there is no such thing as a membership refund. I also called 1-800-463-3783, and was told they can’t do nothing other than collect the $137.97 for the next year’s Executive Membership.
The purpose of my letter to you is to inform you that some of your front-line employees use indecently dishonest marketing tricks. Also, I ask you, to stand behind proper business practices and refund the difference between the cost of Executive versus Regular membership to me.
Please honor your own rules: “We will refund your membership fee in full if you are dissatisfied.”
You don’t have to write me a cheque. I will accept that the extra money, your company dishonestly have taken from me and have been benefiting from for the past full year, is paid forward to renew my regular membership for the coming year.
I am awaiting for your considerate response.

Eva Toth

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