@costco – Craig Jelinek – Hello Mr. Jelinek, I am a tractor trailer driver having some trouble delivering to your

Steve Schiermann sent a message to Craig Jelinek that said:

Hello Mr. Jelinek,
I am a tractor trailer driver having some trouble delivering to your store in Northridge California. I am attempting to keep everyone safe from the corona virus, but some policies that are in place at Costco are making that unlikely.
Currently the policy is to “check in” at the dock and hand over your keys. The problem with that is the following:
1. Touch the door handle to open the door
2. Encounter other drivers inside and on the walk to the door
3. Leave keys in a “key bowl” so that I can spread the virus when I fish my keys back out of that fishbowl will ALL THE OTHER DRIVERS, who will be going on to other destinations throughout the country.
4. Repeat the process after dockworkers are finished.

The solution is easy:
(The reason to turn in keys is so that a truck will not drive away while the workers are loading the truck)

I would happily do any of the following:
1. Unlatch the truck from the trailer
2. Unhook the trailer break hose (red hose), thus rendering the trailer breaks locked.
3. “Drop” the trailer completely and pull forward/park elsewhere until the trailer is loaded.
4. Stand/sit outside of the truck
5. Any combination of the above.

I am actually the danger to your business... if your employees get sick, or an outbreak is publicly associated with your business, your customers will not think of the truck that delivered to you one day, but rather the store in which the community became sick.
(Personally I am trying to protect the nurses that will have to take care of all the people that I get sick)

Please contact me and I will Be glad to give you some insight about the truck driving side of the equation so together we can keep everyone safe. 🙂

Steve Schiermann

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