@costco – Craig Jelinek – June 19, 2020 Dear Sir or Madam, On June 15, 2020, my wife and I

Curtis Driggers sent a message to Craig Jelinek that said:

June 19, 2020
Dear Sir or Madam,
On June 15, 2020, my wife and I purchased a Lenovo Flex 5 laptop from the Costco Warehouse on Glenrock in Norfolk, VA. The purchase price was $899 + tax. Upon arriving at our room back in Virginia Beach, when opening the box we found that we had been given an MSI GE 75 Raider Gaming Laptop, Costco price $1399 + tax. The following day, June 16, 2020, my wife and I returned the MSI computer to get the computer we bought. We thought it would be a simple exchange for the computer we bought. It was not.
When greeted by your friendly Customer Service person, we explained the situation and provided merchandise and receipt. After checking to see the MSI laptop had not been used the lady conveyed to the manager vocally, so we could hear, that she was processing an exchange. When the lady looked at the receipt, then suddenly things began to get unconventional. The lady now goes over to the manager and they kind of huddle, she then asked me if I had the right receipt that the one she had did not show that we had bought a computer. We got anxious; the lady came over and we showed her the $899 purchase price. The lady, CS Associate, then calls another manager and moved him out of our hearing range and began discussion. After twenty minutes or more back and forth; enough time passed that we were approved for a Citi Visa while waiting, we received a cash refund and were literally (escorted) to the area where you pick up electronics. Hear the CS associate told us to purchase the computer that we originally purchased again so that we could take it to our car. We had already told the lady that we came to shop and return the item. I am feeling more like an untrusted customer or suspected thief by this time.
To shorten the story, we were trying to do what was right about returning the MSI computer after an erred transaction. Instead of being up front and honest, the Costco employee was pushy in trying to assure the purchase was made exactly the way she insisted. This made me feel betrayed, part of something dishonest or that I did not know or was too ignorant to understand the value of the transaction. There was no appreciation shown and no record or disclosure of the item we returned. Costco just had $500 returned to them, did not say the first ‘thank you’ or act appreciatively, concealed the transaction and escorted my wife and me to buy and pick up our original purchase making us feel as though we doing something criminal. Those actions made us feel very uneasy and suspicious of the Customer Service employee’s intentions and that maybe we could trust Costco conditioned only on the location instead of ‘trust’ being an inherent hallmark of Costco Customer Service.
I don’t want an employee harmed by this report. But if you are going to cover a mistake, don’t make the person who helped correct the loss feel like a piece of feces.
Yours truly,

This letter was sent 2 months ago, no response. This letter was also sent with a customer service form response from Costco. No response. I just completed a service request with Costco on merchandise warranty that took 4 days to contact Costco. The lady completing this request was outstanding. Is fifty percent satisfaction acceptable to Costco? I have been a Costco member since 2009.

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