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Mr. Jelinek - I'm not sure if you wil receive this or not but I will send anyway. As a business owner also, I understand the importance of "feedback" from customers. So often there are gatekeepers who guard business owners from receiving critical, damaging customer service information. I placed a order for a massage chair. The order was placed 3/25. I understand the delays with business due to the corona virus but it is the attitude of the contractor that has my order for delivery that concerns me. Having been a gov contractor for 12 years in the business of transportation logistics of office furniture, I have extensive knowledge of transportation and delivery. Your contractor Metropolitan Warehouse stated I was not in their regular delivery area and they would not loose money in order to deliver my chair outside of the regular delivery times. My order is scheduled to be delivered 4/20. Almost a month after placing the order. THATS PATHETIC! I know that I'm just one customer in the thousands that Costco has and this is probably wasted effort. I wanted you to know that your contractors do not have your best interest. Maybe its time to set a example, that your customers REALLY do matter. Order # 863874976 Membership# 111896439089.
Be Safe
Steve Moore

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