@costco – Craig Jelinek – Very disappointed with online customer service. While reading an email ad one morning I noticed

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Very disappointed with online customer service. While reading an email ad one morning I noticed a problem. I felt the need to contact Costco and tell them before it caused too many problems. I spent over an hour with a representative trying to explain what happened. She was very considerate. She put me on hold many times while trying to find the e-mail with the wrong price. She spoke several times to her manager. They both kept looking. I explained everything I could and even offered to send the link. She told me she wrote the link down and then gave me a service request number. She told me I needed to go to the Costco site, order the item and pay the full amount as shown. When the item arrived I was to call back and give them the service request number and they would refund the money. She assured me that it was the correct thing to do. So, I followed through. When I called the service center and gave them all the information etc. They refused to give me the difference. I believe I was the first to report the error to Costco. I did notice later in the day a new email add came without a price indicated for the item. I could not believe they would not stand behind what was told to me. They did send me a return label and I am in the process of sending the item back, but very disappointed. It was a large amount. The item is selling for $299.99 and was advertised at $19.99 and just recently I saw it going to be on sale for 199.99 (wondering if that is why they made the mistake of $19.99). I have never had Costco change their stories on me before. The item #1458331. This took me a lot of time on the phone and now a trip to a UPS return center. The return lines at the local Costco is very long and you have to stand out in the cold wind and also very far from my home, so that is why I asked to return it through UPS. I wanted to share this with you so you are aware.

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