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Bonnie S PLotkin sent a message to Craig Jelinek that said:

W. Craig Jelinek

The Costco name has always been synonymous with fairness, quality, integrity and honesty. Unfortunately I bought a garage door from Costco Special order Kiosk in March of 2019. It did not take me long to change my opinion of what Costco stands for now. The past 8 months have been nothing if not repetitive of explaining the subterfuge and manipulation of the facts. What should have been a straight forward return has turned into 8 months of being told “I’m just the middleman, let me get you in touch with the right person.” I have written and spoken to more than a dozen “right persons” all of which have had me start over and over and over again with dates, facts, names photos and every other kind of stalling, evasive tactic known to man, all with the same “is there anything else I can do to help you?, if not we will close this file,” It has been eight months that I have been living with a garage door that has been installed incorrectly, that has gotten stuck and couldn’t open or close all the way. I have been forced to park my car outside because I never know if the garage door will open all the way. I have called and paid 2 different outside companies to “fix” the door. Both companies told me the door has plastic rollers, not metal, has vinyl that is hung too low and is too thick for the door to pass over, that the wrong nails were used in hanging the vinyl, the vinyl is drooping and should have been caulked, and that the door is too big for the opening, is the wrong size and the door needs to have insulation so it can go up and done smoothly on new metal rollers that I should buy and have installed. Costco Kiosk employees have told me they have done everything that can be done and that the problem is I need a new garage door opener and that a new opener will correct the problem. i called Advanced Garage Door Opening Company and the service man refused to sell me an new opener because he said “ there is nothing wrong with your opener”. I have gone 3 different times to the Costco warehouse on Hayden Road in Scottsdale and spoken to 3 different “higher ups”. The last was assistant manager Randy Ingram on 12/02/2019 who told me I was getting a full refund. After receiving no refund, I left 2 voice messages for Randy Ingram and sent him 1 email. No reply ever came. Today I spoke to Brandon Backerman (Garage door Manager in Washington)) and he informed me that further investigation has to take place. After 8 months of absolutely no progress and loads of outright lies, Open Sesame suddenly finds my phone number and wants access to my garage to access the situation. The situation has been assessed ad nauseam and I do not want to be subjected to having any contact whatsoever with a company of this ilk.
I am writing this letter in the hope that there is someone at Costco that still has some feeling and sense for the difference between right and wrong. There is no doubt in my mind that I have been wronged, I have been manipulated, shuffled and pushed around like some dumb, piece of clay all in the hope that I would eventually give up, go away and come to the conclusion that no one at Costco is ever going to end this and give me my money back.
I am writing this knowing full well that in all likelihood it will never be acted upon and will wind up in the trash, but my fervent belief that good always has a way of rising to the top may not yet be dead; I hope you prove it.

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