@costco – W Craig Jelinek – I bought a Samsung tablet from Costco a bit over a year ago. the sensor

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I bought a Samsung tablet from Costco a bit over a year ago. the sensor stopped working so I contacted Costco for the extended warranty. it's been nothing but a hassle. first your concierge people had to try to fix it online which was okay, but they determined it was the sensor so I had to call citi benefits. they requested a load of info which I sent. it took two weeks to hear back and they are requesting the same info I sent plus now a photo. the problem is that there is no way to get an estimate to repair wihout sending the tablet to Samsung (this is per Samsung in an online conversation I had and copied citi on). this entails that I remove all my info, pay to insure and mail it to Samsung, pay to get it back just so they can give citi an estimate to repair and the estimate will probably be more than the tablet to replace. I have done all they requested now, twice, and I talked to a Costco manager at the seattle store who was really not much help. he was willing to take the tablet back but I had to replace it with what you now carry which is about a hundred more than I paid for the tablet. here is my issue, this should be easier first off. and now we're stuck using a useless benefit company meaning citi who just wears you down so you go away. amex was so wonderful on any warranty issue. they normally resolved it within a week and fairly. I used them as did friends. we thought we were getting as good a service when you forced us away from amex to citi, but we aren't. the only solution in the future is to purchase warranty items from amazon who accepts amex instead of Costco if citi doesn't make this more fair. I can copy you on the emails if you wish. I can be reached at 206-913-9108

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