@CSX – Michael Ward – Dear Mr. Foote : I am so sorry to bother you as I know you

larry lyons sent a message to Michael Ward that said:

Dear Mr. Foote : I am so sorry to bother you as I know you are a busy man with great responsibilities . I have emailed csx twice concerning a concern , with no response . I have called numerous numbers only to get recordings, which don't apply , and can not get a live person to communicate with , I live in Quitman , Ga. and some miles up the highway new rails , ties , plates , bolts , and so on were installed at a crossing . The old items are stacked in piles . So I walked to a pile of the old scrap plates , etc.. And I saw some plates approximately 8 inches by 13 inches . that had 3 square holes on each side . To my thinking these would help tremendously strengthen some corners of a shed I am starting to put up . I can't get a response to my emails . I would like to have your permission to get 10 of those plates . People tell me to just go get them , but I was not raised that way .I want to do the right thing . I would hope you would give me an affirmative response . or , since the materials are scrap , at whatever prices are bringing for their weights I would be glad to send you a check for that amount . Also , I had the image in my mind that if I had the plates built in my shed , hey, I have a genuine piece of railroad. I hope you will consider in a positive fashion of my request . Thank you for your time and I wish you and csx continued success . Sincerely , Larry Lyons

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