@Cummins – Tom Linebarger – Mr.Llinebager, i have talked with you before on the phone. I have a issue

ANTHONY RUSS sent a message to Tom Linebarger that said:

Mr.Llinebager, i have talked with you before on the phone. I have a issue and can not get anyone to help me. I am a cummins residential dealer. I replaced a Residential 20 KW air cooled cummins generator for The Cummins Service director at the Cummins Kenly
branch in North Carolina. I sent him a Estimate to disconnect and take the Generator that we were to replace to the Kenly branch in Kenly N.C. and pick up the new 20 KW take it back and install it. We did just as the estimate said and have not been paid as of 6/20/2020.
I have talk to different people at the Kenly branch and a lady in Atlantic GA. but has not done any good. I really hate to brother you with this but I do not know what else to do, so I am reaching out to you. My Estimate was approved by Matt McGraw at Kenly an it was very reasonable, $ 3750.00. If you need the invoice I can send it to you.

I also have another problem at Cummins. My Wife and I were in a head on Collision
and were in the hospital and it took until march 2020 before I could get back to work. I notified Cummins and let them know what had happen.
anyway they shut down my cummins account when I paid them in full and I think that was in march. I went to Kenly to purchase a generator that I had ordered and they told me my account was closed. I tryed to pay for the generator with a business check and they would not take it. I have given Mr. Matt McGraw a check for repairing a 100 KW trailer mounted Generator and he charged me $2262.62 I paid him with no problem, but I could not buy the 20 KW.
I have been a Cummins Dealer since 2006 and I have sold a lot of Cummins generators. You helped me one Tim before get a Generator Replaced that was new but would not run. I have sold generator for about 40 year and worked on them but have Never been treated like this before. I you can help me I sure would Thank you, I tell everyone I Sell a Generator to that cummins are the best and I believe that my self. I have replaced a lot of parts that were under warranty and never got any reimbursement for the part. I have kept my customers happy.
Thank you for any help
Anthony Russ Coastal Electric
cell 252-943- 4029

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