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Mr. Schulman,

My name is Matthew Sipos. I have been a PayPal user for many years. I use it for just about every transaction I make and I would like to continue this practice! I recently have had an issue trying to correct a dispute caused by the hacking of my EBAY account. I will try to be brief…
On March 15th a fake purchase was processed on EBAY using my PayPal account to complete the purchase. It was hidden by 60+ spam emails and then put into a hidden purchase file on EBAY. I was on business travel to Japan and caught this activity very quickly. I was able to stop the transaction at my Bank, PayPal, and EBAY, but the funds still tried to process. What happened next is very suspicious. PayPal finds in favor of the Seller and sends them money, that seller is now under investigation for fraud. I was never notified, but in a matter of minutes I watched my account go from +$499.99 to Zero and then -$499.99. I immediately started my research. My PayPal account shows a transfer of funds to my Bank account (NFCU) for the amount of $499.99. I contacted my bank because I did not see this in my activity. They showed no such transaction. I tried to contact PayPal and after several days was able to talk to someone about the situation. The first 2 days I was on hold for over an hour and both times got hung up on. I finally got in touch with someone in the collections department, because they were now calling me. I explained my situation and was told to provide supporting information. I had my bank send me copies of my bank statements which clearly displayed that no such transaction had been processed. I faxed them to PayPal to two different numbers, because they continued to say they were not in receipt of. On a very long phone call yesterday I spoke to 6 different people, collections finally found my faxes and I was told that they could not correct my account, but the next person can. I was then told that the transaction had to be traced?!? Today I was told in a message on PayPal, which I cannot respond to that they traced the transaction to my account. I have already proved that not to be true. I feel like I am being called a Liar at this point! All I want is for this to go away. I do not think I should be responsible for these funds, especially after the offending seller has finally processed a return to PayPal. I hope maybe this gets to the right person to correct. I am trying to avoid another marathon phone call! Thank you so much for your time.

Very Respectfully,
Matthew Sipos

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