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Request to Appeal PP-D-9063099,

I spoke to 3 Managers today at Paypal and was basically told I am stuck paying for an Item on eBay that was "misrepresented" by the Seller (Zuber). I tried repeatedly to get an amicable resolution with the Seller and all they were willing to do is take the book back. I am learning today that they probably sent me an incorrect Return Label since this book never was purchased thru Amazon, yet the label is to an Amazon Fulfillment Center."ZUBER" the Seller. I am shocked that they are still able to sell on eBay. it's absurd what I have had to go thru to try and resolve this Dispute. Please see below the details. I will be very surprised if I hear back, but this is my last effort.

I am requesting to Appeal Dispute PP-D-9063099 that has been closed. I have attached the actual Label that the Seller "Zuber" sent me to return the book to. I am just now realizing today that the Seller uses an Amazon Fulfillment Center for their returns. If you were to go to UPS's website and look at the tracking, it shows that it went to KY. I also learned today that despite the return address of Las Vegas, NV (see attachment) on the label, a UPS manager told me that Amazon returns actually go to KY. So, it is a bit confusing why it appears the package should have gone to NV when it was only intended to go to KY. I am also confused, why you told me to send the book back to a different address in an earlier email than what the Seller told me to send it to. Since the Seller had originally provided me a Label, I used that label. How was I to know that the address you provide was the correct address??? If that was the correct address, then the Seller should have had that on their Label, again see attachment. The bottom line is that I return the book based on the Label the Seller initially provided me. I find it hard to believe that I am still responsible for paying for the return when the Seller totally misrepresented what they posted in the Description of the listing in eBay and then didn't offer to send the correct item. This Seller has hundreds of negative Feedback comments and I wish I had read them before deciding to buy from them because had I done so, I never would have purchased the book from them.

If you still have any doubt, please call UPS with the Tracking Number and speak to a manager and they will confirm that the location where the book was returned is an Amazon Fulfillment Center. The Seller needs to take responsibility for provided me the incorrect Label and figuring out where exactly their book is, not the Buyer. This Dispute has been going on now for almost 2 months and it's totally ridiculous what I have had to go thru to try and get this resolved.

I would like a reply back at your earliest convenience that I am no longer responsible for the charges for the eBay purchase.


Mark Johnson

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