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1219 east ab wade rd. portland tn 37148
hello mr. schulman,
i have been a paypal user for a long time now. i ave a problem with my paypal account and can not get a fair deal with any of the agents that work for you. i can not talk to any of them because of the covid-19 virus. can i pease talk to you. i worked as a first responder all my life. i was injured in line of duty and became permanent disabled. i starting selling on ebayas a means to make ends meet for myself and my family. i used paypal to tranfer money beteen myself and the buyers. on 01/22/2020, i sold an apple iphone 10 xr on ebay. it was a 800.00 phone and it went for 299.99 plus shipping. they buyer kept the phone for alomost three months and decided he did nmot want it.when the phone was sold to him, he was made aware of all conditions. the phone was only a couple of days old and came with a free month of service on it.i bought it from a lady on market place. in my listing with ebay, i stated this. it would not transfer to my carrier so i listed it for sale. the buyer was made aware that the original owner account on the phone would haft to be deactivated before he could activate the phone in his name. also he would haft to be a sprint customner to activate it. all this was up front in my sale. the man buys the phone and keeps it almost three months. the buyer never complains to me as a seller or to eabay. not one time did i get a message from the buyer. on march 13, 2020, the buyer contacts paypal and ask for a reund. paypal syas they tried to email me, but i never seen any message from paypal. paypal refunds the buyer without him returning my phone and it left me with a large balance in my paypal acccount. the buyer has the item and his refund and i am without the money of the sale and my phone. i have sit for hours trying to contact paypal and the only way i can do this is through messaging paypal.i waited for hours just wating for the agents to get back with me. i finally got one agent to send a message to the buyer. if you want, you can check all the messages that has took place through my account with paypal. they refund this man and let him keep my item. in the nuyers dispute summary to paypal, he states that he would like to keep the phone and use it. why would he say that if the phone was not as described and he can't use it. sir, i am a disable first responder. i can not wokr anymore. i worked as a volunteer and were i was paid to be a first responder. my husband was a metro detective with the metro police dept. out of nashville tn. and he was shot in line of duty. he was shot twice by a 15 year old youth. i have work many diasters and conditions like the covid-19. during the time the buyer was filing a despute with pay pal, nashville and middle tn. was hit with severe tornados. a big part of nashville was destroyed. the storms hit all over the stae of tn. president trump came to tn. to accessed the damages. homes was destroyed, people with no place to go, no food, and electricity was out for almost two to three weeks. then the covid-19 hit back to back to the storms. as soon as i got electricity, i seen that there was a despute on my phone. ebay was the one that told me about the despute. i have family that has been expose to the virus and it is very upsetting. all i want is either my phone back or the refund where paypal gave back to the buyer. one or the other. they have closed my despute and i am out of my item and then man got his money back. before send the item back. your agents did this. i have no phone, a big balance owed in my paypal account because of this mistake. it is hard for me and my family to make it on what i make through my government pension. please help me.

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