@dan_schulman – Daniel Schulman – Copy of US Mail letter of 10/22/19: Dear Mr. Schulman; I?m sure you are a

STEVE KIRSCHNER sent a message to Daniel Schulman that said:

Copy of US Mail letter of 10/22/19:
Dear Mr. Schulman;

I’m sure you are a busy executive. Please pass this along to someone who can give it the proper attention.

We have had a corporate account for many years. Due to a change in our board it became necessary to change the person in charge of our PayPal account. After multiple phone calls we received the instructions to access the system online. I uploaded what I believe were the proper documents and receiving no response I tried calling and emailing to no avail. I finally reached someone who advised me that I could not have two accounts, business and personal, with the same email. I therefore attempted unsuccessfully to cancel my personal account as it had little activity.

Attached are all documents previously submitted. I am also submitting a copy of the Florida Department of Corporations filing indicating I am the treasurer.

If the duplicate email is still an issue, I can use stephen.kirschner@comcast.net
Yours truly.
Stephen J. Kirschner,Treasurer
InfraGard South Florida Members Alliance, Inc.

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