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Dear Mr. Dan Schulman
I am writing to you to ask for your assistance. I'll try to make this short as I can. I understand that your company is set up to follow certain rules. If this happens twice the account is closed. The person I talked with was sympathetic but she could not make exceptions to the rules.
I have had a pay-pal credit card for over 12 years. My history with payments are excellent until lately. Here is what has transpired.
For the past two months I accidentally made my payment twice. When I spoke with man in costumer service he advised me that pay pal could not send my monies back that I would need to call my bank to put a stop payment on the e-check. When I spoke with the lady after my account was closed she that was the wrong thing for me to do. that by doing that it put a flag on my account.
I did receive a letter from Pay Pal stating that account was closed because of dishonored payments.
Now is when the story starts. Last November while I was driving at 70mph I went into cardiac arrest. My husband grabbed the steering wheel and was able to steer it till it came to a stop, next to the on going ramp to highway. My husband ran around the car as several people ran up to assist. One man helped get me out of car and a lady (Guardian Angel) did CPR or I would not be here today to write to you. Went to hospital where I had cardiac arrest again. Surgery for 4 bi-passes. Surgeon explained there would be moments of dysfunction as far as memory, confusion, depression etc.. This is why I made the payments twice I did not remember making them previously.

Now here is my question; under the circumstances and the fact that my husband has taken over bill paying, would there be any way that my credit card could be reinstated? As I said earlier I have been a good customer for many years.
One other concern when I went online to my account is was stated that the account was closed. I want to set up a payment for April to pay the remaining balance.
Thank you for your time and I sincerely wish for your understanding.

Victoria Weibel
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