@dan_schulman – Daniel Schulman – Dear Mr. Dan Schulman, Thank you for providing a way for customers to contact you

Angela W sent a message to Daniel Schulman that said:

Dear Mr. Dan Schulman,

Thank you for providing a way for customers to contact you directly. I have a long story to tell about the ups and downs that I have incurred in my life and how it correlates with my issues that I am currently experiencing with Paypal limitation.
I will start with A marriage in 2010 to an otherwise gentleman but compromised by experiences stemming from 3 tours at a young age and I an early empty-nester attending college with big dreams who worked at a minimum wage paying job. Since our marriage many financial hardships were incurred. Lack of communication and marital abandonment caused my search for alternate ways to earn income.. I found Ebay and although I earned small payments, it was all I had. Continuous patchwork for essentials led me to dip into the $700 credit Paypal allowance. I hoped sales would help me repay but one customer tampered with a pc and she/he took pics of that and sent them via EBay messages. I was awarded the funds but my account closed abruptly. Reeling, I called Paypal to find out what my options were and I was advised by a rep to open a different account. I thought perhaps payments could be made from that account to clear my credit account. Nonetheless, years later and while in my second abandonment my account has been abruptly limited. I'm petitioning that the limitation be waived based on the following facts:
I won the case between the customer and I although I hoped for a great sale but tampering was clear.
2: I was advised by representatives to open a new account without any restrictions.
3: I will take a polygraph test to prove that Im telling the truth about the 2 statements.

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