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Dr Raphael K Works sent a message to Daniel Schulman that said:

Dear Mr. Schulman:

As a corporate account holder of two PayPal accounts I must say that you have a serious problem with your computer system following through on proper transactions created online and through the app. I've had our accounts more than 15 years and each time I call your customer service for a detailed explanation of why the system didn't sent funds in the manner previously selected, they never have an adequate response, to include becoming very cantankerous in their dialogue.

I'm sure this is not the representation or the experience you'd want your customers to receive but I've found this to be the norm in the last few days of setting up and attempting to send funds via "friends & family" and it process through incorrectly. When I get a rep online it's always someone from Manila the Philippines of which have limited insight as to why the "system" is sending money incorrectly.

I just got off the phone (8 Dec 18 @ 4:33 pm EST) with a "Jamie" who couldn't provide me a reasonable conclusion as to the ongoing glitch in the computer system that keeps forwarding the processing of information through it's portals that force me to "cancel" my transactions altogether.

I'd greatly appreciate your intervention into this matter to potentially clear the issues dealing with your computer system generating the "wrong" type of transaction put forth. I look forward to your copious feedback as time permits in your busy schedule. Thank you.


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