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Dear Sir,

There were 3 sterling silver items that the buyer Mr. Marcin Wylezek bought for the total cost of $ 364.02, back in Dec. 12, 2018. They were

1) 10" Tall Crown Starline silver candle stick item no 153286525755,

2) 2 Gorham Starline Silver candle sticks item no. 153286526135,

3) La pierre Starline Candle stick, item no: 1532866528512,

The buyer requested a refund through PayPal directly instead of going through Ebay. So I was unable to answer his concerns, for example the buyer mentioned to Paypal items were not described properly. All the photographs were being displayed, and the items were properly described.

I talked with the following individuals at PayPal

1) Randy employee ID No---667340
2) Porch employee ID No---167025--Date of contact Feb. 18th, 2019
3) Marvin employee ID No---46858---Date of contact Feb. 25th, 2019, one of the Mangers

All of the above mentioned that they are reopening the case. They did comprehend that I did not have the items returned and the buyer had all the items. They also knew that the buyer did not go through the proper channels such as informing Ebay. The buyer totally ignored going through Ebay.

The Email that was sent by PayPal mentioned that I should respond within 10 days, that Email went to my spam and did not see it.

PayPal closed the case so as a result I have lost the money which is $ 364. 02 and also, I do not have the 3 items. The buyer Mr. Marcin WylezekI should return the 3 STERLINE SILVER ITEMS which he has not done so.

I also communicated this to Ebay Ref., no. 1-19839384670.

I also contacted manager --Mark employee ID No 693647 he failed to understand the entire situation and he was pointing to the fact that I did not respond within the 10-day grace period.

All these items belong to my mother and we were trying to reduce her collection. We had no intention of giving these away for free.

I am a Power Seller with 100% positive feedback.

What I have done to protect my sales

1) I have blocked the buyer so that he no will be able to bid on the items I have on sale
2) Informed Ebay what occurred.
3) In all the sales at Ebay I no longer accept PayPal just the credit cards.

I would greatly appreciate your help.
I am a Combat Era Veteran


CAPT Sarath Seneviratne (Ret)

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